About Us

Who are we?

Best bingo apps is run by two friends who love playing bingo whether it’s on bingo apps or down at our local Mecca we just love bingo! When we started looking for some bingo apps to play on we realised that there were hardly any decent websites about bingo apps. So we decided we would build a bingo apps site with all the bingo apps in the UK on it and, most importantly, honest and impartial reviews of all the bingo apps. We also wanted to make sure you get the best sign up bonuses too. If you find a bingo app you think we’ve missed then send us a tweet @bingoapps and we’ll look at it right away.

What we do at bingo apps

When we first setup we had a few bingo apps on the site and since then its grown into the site it is now. We now work full time on the site and test all the bingo apps on various different devices. We test on an iPhone, iPad, Android mobile, Android tablet and a Windows mobile phone too. We want to make sure we’ve tested the apps on all mobiles before we provide you with our honest opinion on the app. We contact the providers of the apps to negotiate and make sure that the site has the best sign up bonuses for each company too. We think its great that we can play bingo all day and call it work!

How to contact us

The quickest way to get in touch is via twitter, tweet us @bingoapps or alternatively you can e-mail us at the contact form